For many years I told parents there was nothing that could help eliminate the unsightly lesions of molluscum contagiosum. Eventually they would disappear,
but it could take a year or two.

How wrong I was. One of my own children contracted the virus and more as an afterthought, not expecting it to work, applied the wheatgrass cream daily to the lesions. To my surprise, in about two to three weeks, they had completely disappeared.
by Dr. Chris Reynolds M.B.,B.S. (Graduate, Faculty of Medicine, Univ. of Western Austrailia ,1973)

What is molluscum contagiosum?   order now  

molluscumMolluscum contagiosum is a common and quite contagious viral infection affecting mainly school-age children. It appears as small, sometimes itchy raised spots anywhere on the body, but mostly on the face and upper body, armpits and behind the knees. Although not dangerous, molluscum can be quite unsightly and distressing to both child and parents. Sometimes the child is banned from public bathing areas because of it. Scarring, dermatitis or skin infections can sometimes result from the infection.

Molluscum also occurs in adults and is usually, but not always, sexually transmitted.

How do people get molluscum contagiosum?

The mollescum virus generally spreads via direct contact from person to person (e.g. from family members or other infected people, with whom they swim or bathe). The incubation period can vary between about 2 to 24 weeks.

What are molluscum symptoms?

  • Lesions are usually present on the thighs, buttocks, groin and lower abdomen of adults, and may occasionally appear on the external genital and anal region.

  • Children typically develop lesions on the face, trunk, legs and arms.

  • Lesions may begin to appear as small bumps, which can develop over a period of several weeks into larger sores/bumps. The lesions can be flesh colored, gray-white, yellow or pink. They can cause itching or tenderness in the area, but in most cases the lesions cause few problems. Lesions can last from 2 weeks to 4 years -- the average is 2 years.

  • People with AIDS or others with compromised immune systems may develop extensive outbreaks.

What are molluscum treatment options?

Now, the collective experience of my own patients and hundreds of people around the world who have reported successful eradication of molluscum with Dr Wheatgrass Skin Recovery Cream shows that it can take anywhere between two weeks and three to four months for the spots to disappear. However, there have been very few molluscum treatment failures and it's very safe to use in children, so it pays to persist.

The cream-based wheatgrass extract  works the best when applied twice every day. However, others have had better results when using the wheatgrass spray. As with any healing substance, results will vary.

Case Study   order now  

molluscum case history

In this case, an 8 year-old girl had suffered from molluscum for over a year. As well as being itchy, she was strongly self-conscious of the unpleasant spots affecting her back, upper thighs and behind both knees, which was spreading rapidly. Some of the spots became inflamed and were quite painful. Her mother had tried numerous remedies, none of which worked, and was very concerned about the problem. She was told by her doctor to wait a couple of years, and they would disappear. 

I started her on wheatgrass spray, recommending she used it twice daily on 29 July, 2005. Eighteen days later (see photographs below) spots are disappearing (arrows & circles) and have stopped spreading.
If possible, start with prevention. If a family member has the condition, avoid the sharing of baths, towels and close contact with other children.

Conventionally, there has been few effective treatments. Medical advice and treatment varies from "it's impossible to treat, it should go away in a year or two", to freezing, cauterizing, squeezing, pricking, slashing and burning the spots. Other "treatments" include benzyl peroxide, Betadine, and Burow's solution (aluminium acetate). None of these methods are effective solutions and can be quite stressful to a young child and should be avoided, as scarring can result.

My own children contracted the virus and used the wheatgrass cream daily to the lesions. To my astonishment, in approximately three weeks, they had entirely vanished.

Since then, the collective experience of my and many other health practitioners' patients around the globe, has proven that it can take anywhere between two weeks and three to four months for the spots to heal and go away. Because of its high degree of safety in infants and children and high success rate, it's proven that it pays to be patient with this treatment.

Either the wheatgrass spray or the cream can be used for molluscum, but because individual responses vary, it is impossible to predict which is most likely to succeed. For large affected areas, the spray would be more economical.

Twice daily application of either Wheatgrass Cream or Wheatgrass Spray, parental patience and the knowledge that treatment will most likely be successful are the keys to molluscum treatment.

Dr. Chris Reynolds.

I am just wanting to write to you to say how pleased I am with your wheatgrass cream.  My daughter suffers from molluscums in her groin area and within a week of using your cream one had nearly disappeared and the rest were on their way out - the results have been so pleasing that I gave your pamphlet to my daughters daycare to advise other parents of your product. It is such a relief to finally find a cure for this problem. Many thanks.
R. P. Otaki, New Zealand. 30 January, 2009

The cream has worked really well, the moll scum is all gone now and no new spots, this was after 3 weeks of use and we also combined an olive leaf extract to help boost his immune system. Thanks for your help.

S. B. New South Wales, Australia. 19 December, 2008



Hi, I was just looking through your website again as I had completely forgotten about wheatgrass as I haven't had to use it. I was looking through the testimonials and thought I should briefly write to also say how wonderful your products are. A couple of years ago my daughter (6 at the time) got molluscum contagiousism (not sure how to spell it) and after taking her to the Doctor I burst out crying as he said she would most likely have it for about 2 years. It was hideous, all up her arms her stomach and starting on her legs. The doctor prescribed me some cream to stop her itching but said there is pretty much nothing else he could do. I got on google and researched natural therapies and came up with your website. I thought no harm in trying so brought the spray and the supershots. Within 2 weeks it was pretty much cleared up, absolutely no trace of it by 6 weeks. Truly amazing stuff!!

D. D.New Zealand. 14 March, 2012

Hi - I would like to send you feedback on your products because it has healed 'molloscum contagiosum' on our son. They started on his torso and spread to the back of one knee. We used the Skin Recovery Cream on the back of his knee over a number of weeks and intermittently since - they have now healed altogether leaving a small mark only. Thank you.
M. S. Australia. 5 March, 2012.

I have been applying the wheatgrass cream on my son's molluscum twice a day for just over 3 weeks now. I am amazed at how the affected areas are clearing up and the spots are slowly disappearing. To be told by doctors "there is nothing you can use on the spots and it will go away within 9 - 12 months" was not an option for me.  I highly recommend the wheatgrass cream.

M. Kaiapoi, New Zealand. 23 November, 2008

On my 5 year old son, I noticed a number of small, hard 'bites' on his back. Over a period of weeks they spread all over his back and became large, red, pimpley sores. Over quite a few months we tried a few skin treatments but nothing helped. The problem was "Molluscum Contagiosum" and this had gone on for 7 months now. Flaring up and spreading. After reading other testimonials we immediately purchased the Skin Recovery Spray and some cream. Within a few weeks our sons back began to heal. After 2 months we have no more problems.  After 12 months he has been completely clear of them. Recently another son had Molluscum Contagiosum appare on his arms, legs and tummy. We started with Dr Wheatgrass cream and after one month, they are all fading and we have not seen the concentrated spread that our first son had to endure.

I never write these testimonials, but we are 100% happy with DrWheatgrass and felt others parents should know it works!

A. B. New South Wales. Australia. 25 November, 2008

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